Why Synergy?

We provide low-cost, comprehensive primary care to your employees.
Your company will pay a monthly fee for each participant, and they will have access to all of our services in our office, over the phone or via email. Our attention is focused solely on meeting the needs of our patients. Whether that means a quick consultation over the phone or an as-long-as-it-takes visit to our office, we aim to save you and your employees time and money while still fully addressing their medical concerns. Maybe you already provide insurance to your employees. Our services pair well with high-deductible plans that most businesses offer. Even if you aren’t required to provide insurance, you can still sign your employees up for our services and help them have a control over their healthcare spending- while saving your business money. Interested in knowing more? We’d love to chat. Connect here with our program director, and in the meantime, view our employer FAQs here.

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