Frequently Asked Questions For Employers

Yes, but it is not an insurance policy. If your business is required by the ACA to provide coverage to your employees, direct primary care is acceptable when paired with a wraparound (high deductible) policy. Learn more about ACA requirements for business owners here. If your company is small enough not to be required to provide insurance, you can still enroll in our program and save your business and your employees hundreds of dollars each year.

The cost per month of our program is $50 per adult, $25 per child or $150 per family. As the employer, you will only pay the monthly fees per participant (and you can decide which employees qualify for the program). Your participating employees will pay for any additional services rendered by our office (labs, x-rays, etc.). Those payments will be due at the time of service. ***PLEASE NOTE: Effective June 1, 2019, pricing will increase to $60 per adult, $30 per child and $210 per family per month***

We will check in with you once a month to verify participants and then send you an invoice, which is paid by an automatic credit card charge. Otherwise, everything is taken care of by us and is included in each participant’s monthly fee. Any fees for procedures or tests are paid for by the patient at the time of service. You won’t see these fees on your monthly invoice, unless you specifically request to be charged for an employee’s services.

Contact our office here and we’ll set up a meeting. We are happy to address your staff and answer their questions before your company signs on. Then, all we’ll need is a list of participants and we’ll be ready to see them as patients.

We are all ears. Our program director, Margarita is always available to answer your questions. Send her an email at or call her at 828-774-5143.

Absolutely. We believe our program is perfect for a business like yours. If your employees are paying for their own insurance, chances are they have a high deductible and don’t go to the doctor unless it’s an absolute emergency. By allowing them access to our clinic, you’ll know that your staff is being cared for in a compassionate, affordable and efficient manner.

Our main office is centrally located in Asheville, just south of I-40 about a block off Hendersonville Rd. (right behind the Huddle House). We also have a walk-in clinic inside Sona Pharmacy in the RiverRidge shopping center just off exit 8. They are open 7 days a week.

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